3.6-liter twin-turbo flat six

710 HP at 7,100 RPM

650 lb-ft at 4,000 RPM

225 MPH top speed

Dual wishbone push-rod suspension front and rear

Carbon monocoque chassis

7-speed Manual Transmission

Dry-sump lubrication system

The Return of an Icon

The CTR Anniversary is a rebirth of the iconic CTR1 “Yellowbird”.


Based on RUF’s own carbon monocoque structure, RUF is the only manufacturer in the world producing a vehicle with carbon monocoque chassis, a manual transmission, and rear engine layout. 


This allows the ground-breaking structure to have pushrod, dual wishbone suspension in the front and rear of the chassis. Combined with the rigidity and lightweight advantages of the carbon monocoque, the CTR Anniversary also has a roll-cage integrated to the vehicle as part of the upholstery and is a vehicle that is completely developed by RUF in-house. On all four corners, we have our own carbon ceramic brake system helping the vehicle stop with precision and safety. 


Dimensionally the vehicle retains the same size as an air cooled vehicle, no larger than a 993 chassis. Thanks to our custom carbon monocoque chassis, the wheel base is longer and wider, making it more stable. When inside the vehicle, the cabin is also the same size as the vehicles from our past. This makes our driving experience familiar to muscle memory but more emotional and exhilarating thanks to our ground breaking performance. 


The drivetrain of the CTR Anniversary is RUF’s own 3.6 liter water-cooled twin turbo engine mated to our own 7 speed manual gearbox producing 710 horsepower in a 1300 kilogram vehicle. 


Limited to only 50 units worldwide. All of which are fully spoken for.