3.8-liter twin-turbo flat six

800 HP at 7,100 RPM

730 lb-ft at 4,000 RPM

236 MPH top speed

McPherson strut with anti-roll bar / Multi-link with horizontal coil-over shock absorbers 

Carbon-ceramic brakes

Custom 7-speed PDK Transmission

Dry-sump lubrication system

The Evolution of Excellence

Unveiled at The Quail 2023, this is the sendoff to the CTR3 model and is the final edition. Limited to 20 for the world, the CTR3 Evo is our mid-engined vehicle developed with our custom tubular chassis based on a body in white. 

Equipped with carbon ceramic brakes on all four corners, completely redesigned front and rear fascias, a custom developed PDK, custom rear multilink suspension, and a combination of aluminum and carbon skin, this is a remarkable piece of RUF manufacturing. 

The CTR3 Evo is our most powerful vehicle yet with 800 horsepower powered by our own 3.8 liter watercooled flat six.

When ordering a new vehicle like the CTR3 Evo through RUF North America, we help facilitate the configuration process, importation, and delivery of the vehicle to you.