RUF RCT Evo Restomod

This vehicle is located in Miami, FL, US
DISPLACEMENT: 3.6 Liter Single Turbo
DRIVETRAIN: Rwd (rear-wheel drive)


Based on the iconic model of our RUF RCT Evo, our restomods pay homage to the model famous for being Alois Ruf’s idea for what the 964 Carrera should be. Using a donor 964 Porsche, this vehicle was built to the same specifications of our 425hp 6 speed RCT Evos from the 90s. Wearing a Porsche VIN, it is not part of the original RCT Evos made, however is an example of what one would be with today’s technology.
Being that the RCT Evo was the first model RUF made that had the technology of the integrated roll cage (IRC), our restomods are all built with this as a crucial component to the stiffening and rigidity improvements done to the 964 chassis. Equipped with our shaved rain rails, modern carbon Evo bumpers, carbon decklid, and sunroof delete, this restomod is fully done from the ground up in our RUF factory with performance and beauty in mind. Finished with an elegant grey leather upholstery in the upper half of the cabin and pillars, this is an elegant spec complimented by saddle leather in the lower half extending all the way into the transmission tunnels and along the floor of the vehicle. Equipped with our carbon lollipop seats, this car has inserts on the seats and dash that are woven leather. Touch points as the steering wheel, map pockets and shift knob are finished in Alcantara. Using our 3.6 liter aircooled 425 horsepower flat six mated to our 6 speed transmission, this supercar level of performance is matched with the ease of driving we are known for as well making it an excellent vehicle to enjoy. This particular model was done in Stone Grey with a unique touch of having flared rear fenders. This is the one of the only RCT Evo restomods made with this option making it have the same body lines and width in the rear as the iconic CTR Yellowbird. Also built recently, this example is in superb conditions with the added touch of Alois’s signature on the back of the decklid.